Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Fed Ex Person

I know they just sent my camera on Thursday, but I thought I might get it today....I heard a truck..I ran to the window. UPS...I got the tracking number, I am tracking it. I know it was in Aurora, Illinois on it is in Chicago and due to go out at 1:04am. Please let Fed Ex deliver on Saturday!!!! I will be waiting, early, 5ish. It says probable delivery on Monday...I'm sure it will be here tomorrow...pppuuuulllleeeeezzzzzeeeeee!!!!!! So my lungs feel like I am a chain smoker. I am seriously considering getting an oxygen tank. I want to get a full lung of fresh air, I am grounded to the house until Fall. I am not thinking about the future weather reports, I am thinking how great it is to be home for the weekend. I have been mosaic knitting, two projects actually. One is a small bag and another a scarf, kind of a "Man" scarf. Hopefully tomorrow I can put a photo up. Keep cool, check on old people and animals, and drink lots of water!!!


annie said...

I hope your camera arrives!

And I hope this heat breaks soon. I do not know how people in Texas and LA do it where it has been over 100 for days. Just seeing 99 on track for tomorrow or Monday makes me feel a bit sick. I am also kind of sick of this "feels like" business. Unless they want to give me something more useful than "it's 94 and feels like 105". How about it's 94 and it feels like you will just burst into flames if you leave the house? That, I can use.
We had a 4 hour power outage 2 weeks ago from the overload..I am just hoping like hell nothing blows this weekend. I see a high of 83 on track for Thursday and it sounds like heaven!

Spiderlady said...

I'm with you...I hate this heat. What good is a flower garden when you can't go outside? My asthma is killing me. I love Fall and Winter...oh and my camera didn't come, but it is here in Milwaukee. I guess on Monday 4:30pm, at least I should be home. Stay cool!!!