Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bummed out!!!

I went to do a photo for the blog last night, and the flash didn't go off. Ok, the battery may be low, so I put it in the charger and today I put it back into the camera. Excited about the Mosaic knitting photo, once again the flash didn't go off. This camera is maybe 2 yrs. old tops. I love my camera, so out comes the book. The lightning bolt means flash, alright that is done and no flash, maybe it's too light. Down into the basement, no flash. OK, there is a support number to call, Hi, my flash won't go off on my camera....well you can send it in and it will minimally cost $110.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling or behind door number two you can get another camera, a better and newer model for $149.00. Well is there a service center I can take it too? Yes the closest one is in Oak Park, Illinois. Great I make a house payment or buy another camera. So with a matter of juggling finances I am getting the new camera. Can you imagine minimum 110 bucks? I guess for $40 more dollars I am getting the better deal, actually I think the better deal is they should fix the dam thing, it's probably only the light bulb. Oh and the cards that I use won't work in my new camera of course. Technology gets updated so quickly, sometimes it's hard to keep up. So I am anxiously awaiting my new technological acquisition.


Betty said...

Go to a camera shop and see if they know what's wrong with it. They may know if it is a problem inherent in that brand.

annie said...

It's moments like this when my brick with the clear packing tape holding the battery flap closed doesn't look so bad. Sure it's the size of a compact car, but it's 7 years old and still meeting all my photo needs.
I second going to a good camera shop and see if it's not something they can just tweak. That's outrageous!

Joni said...

I wanted to let you know that I just e-mailed you a copy of the ring code from the RingSurf admin. site. You’re listed as a member of the Fiber Arts Bloggers webring, but your blog is in the queue at the moment as you haven’t the ring code up on your blog. If you want to e-mail me when you have the ring code back up and whatnot, I’ll check it out and get you back into the ring as quickly as I can. Let me know if you need any help! :)