Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nano Nano

Wow!!! We had one heck a storm last night....even I woke up and moved to the recliner downstairs. I am very, very, scared of storms and I just know that the lightning will avoid the huge cherry tree in the backyard and opt for my bedroom ceiling!!! So I retreated to lower ground. This is actually, and I hate to confess to this, the time of year when I have a bedroll down in the basement under the concrete washtubs. I have a little nest down there, just for storms. A gallon of water, a crank/battery radio/flashlight, blankets and some fun stuff. I am virtually 10 steps away from my studio so there are lots of toys. I have had to run down there when I hear a warning siren and it ends up being a comedy of errors!! If ever you try to run somewhere within your home with a cat and dog, you will relate. ie; phone rings and the cat saunters in low gear swinging his tail, one foot in front of you, you can't go around, over, only over. Sirens go off, or sky gets a little threatning, I head for the basement. I have a dog on my heels that thinks we are playing and won't let the cat come down. I have my hand on the doorknob and the cat is playing roll over and stretch, two feet away as I am screaming to "Come Tinker!!! This only encourages him to do a Cello stance and lick his balls, at that point I say, "Kiss them goodbye, while you're at it," as I'm closing the door. This is one thing I am prepared for, the animals are not. They also love to walk all over me when I am laying on the floor, attempting to sleep, under the washtubs. I know just how heavy the washtubs are because I have tried to lift them and they are going to be there after I am dead and gone!!! Unless of course someone takes a sledgehammer to them, which actually crossed my mind, but after thinking the whole job through and the fact that I would have to carry each pail of broken up concrete up the stairs and then get rid of it..I have learned to love thier appeal. And the fact that they are my protection in a storm, is comforting. I have finished quilting the quilt, which is called, the Roman stripe. I have to cut and fold the binding and sew it on. Not bad for 12 years of work!!! Hey is anybody out there?

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