Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Mission

My mission if I choose to assume to at least do an inch, if not more on my Navajo rug weaving. This is kind of like a diet, which is for me baby steps. If I make it seem ridiculously easy to accomplish, my attention span may just let me do it. Now if perhaps I say I will finish this rug in this Sunday I will still be looking at it unmoved in the corner in my living room. I truley am attention deficit, my family will vouch for that. The good thing is, I have learned to make it work in my favor. I have projects of different degrees of intensity, or ease and work on them accordingly and then when I am near finish, I either push to finish or take my sweet time in doing so. Sometimes I notice it does affect my everyday living...such I will be sipping on my first cup of coffee for the morning and then I have this fleeting thought that I should dust. So I meander to get the swiffer, and pass by the ball of yarn in the basket to go downstairs when I think....I could make something really cool with this yarn, let me see if I can find needles that would give me the right gauge to knit this something? Oh look here is a book on knitting projects sitting in a pile by my chair....I think I will go through this pile of books and weed out the books and magazines, that I don't need, by my chair. Parting with any of these is futile, oh I really like this design. Ok I will throw out this piece of paper, which amounts to a blow in from the printing company. Ok I could use some music while I am going through this pile of books, oh a book on drawing, gosh I have not drawn anything for a while. Where is my Ipod? (Walking to find my Ipod, I pass the swiffer) picking up the swiffer and plugging in my Ipod, turning on Disco (doesn't everyone clean to disco music) Clean who said I was cleaning? So I run the swiffer over the TV and an end table and hey there is my drawing pad, and colored pencils. I should draw something...after a half hour....where did I put my swiffer? Oh here it is, on the coffee table next to my kalidescope...laying back on the couch with the kalidescope...thinking I love looking through these, it is so relaxing. I should change the music though this isn't relaxing music...Donna Summers, Working hard for the money!!! Was I working? Oh yeah, I pick up the swiffer and decide I would rather vacuum right now and the good thing is once I start vacuuming I pretty much stick to it. Not like the fleeting swiffer!!! So I think I am going to weave right now!!! Well maybe, after another cup of coffee. I will keep you posted on the weaving process.

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