Monday, July 24, 2006

Heavy Breathing

Heavy breathing for two reasons...we are under storm watch. I could just die during storms. I am better than I ever was, but that isn't saying much. My fear of storms goes back to childhood, doesn't it always. We had no basement, fear number one. The newspeople would be telling us to head for shelter, seek a basement, or a place away from windows and doors. You all know the drill. We had no basement and no place without windows or doors. I wanted to be adopted by someone that had a basement. So I would grab a blanket and sit in the corner by the back door. I think my dad designated that as "the spot". Meanwhile he would be walking around outside looking for the "twister" aaaacccckkkkkkk I would beg them to take cover and they would ignore me. Not an easy thing to do, I'm sure they thought I would outgrow it. My little fur nephew is freaked out by storms also, which brings me to a very funny story of heavy breathing.
We have a Monday night spinning group (spinning fiber not bike peddling crap) it was stormy to the point I had second thoughts of driving to my friend Lois's. In came all the "Bags" ( a term of endearment, for all of us woman carrying tons of bags, full of fiber and yarn.) We were about an hour into the night and it was storming, to beat the band. One of the woman had to use the bathroom and when she was through she came out laughing so hard she could hardly speak. Seems she was sitting on the toilet and could hear heavy breathing, very heavy breathing. The only place she knew someone could be hiding is in the bathtub. She slowly pulled the shower curtain aside a little fearful of whom she may find in the was the dog in the tub, freaked out by the storm. Trighton isn't around anymore but he sure has left a great memory.
I am breathing heavy because, I am going to do some "Frogging" after I post this. For those of you that are not knitters Frogging is a term used when you Rip it...get it....Ok, say it three times fast....Kermie....!!! My lesson today is when knitting a sock with a ripple pattern, don't use handpainted yarn....I'm sure I have heard this before, but needed to attempt it to find out for myself.


Lois said...

Yes, Triton sure hated storms and that is a wonderful memory and also why I remember why you hate storms. Too bad you had to frog, the sock is beautiful! See you Thur!

Spiderlady said...

I knew I spelled Triton wrong. The sock yarn is pretty, putting a pattern in pretty yarn doens't cut it.

Betty said...

I had a crazy dog that jumped though 2 windows because of storms. You always knew when it was going to rain because Lizard would start getting squirrley about 3 hours before anything happened.

I plan on going to Johnny V's Thursday. See ya.