Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anatomy of a purse

I am working on a Cat Bourdo Moebius ring purse. I love the concept of a Moebius ring, it is mystical and of course I don't have any purses....fact is I don't carry a purse. I get older, my pant pockets are getting too small to hold all of my critical gear. Remember when we were young and the staple purse contents were, hairbrush, lipstick, powder, aspirin, Midol, tampax and eyeliner...oh and pictures of our friends and possibly some boyfriends that knew they were and maybe some weren't aware they were. Yes I believe every woman is born with a recessed stalker gene and every so often it reared it's ugly head...showing up at the same places, driving by their house to see see if...thier light was on???? Whatever that was about? Now my purse would be full of things like...rescue inhaler, epipen, migrane medicine, sunglasses, kleenix, extra bifocals ...chapstick...can't be without chapstick, that could be a whole chapter in itself. Oh and don't forget your medical card and credit card, frequent buyer punch cards for every store or coffee shop in the greater United States. Knitting, for heavens sake don't forget some small knitting project and drop spindle.. I can't wait to get my purse done...It is a knitted felted purse so I do hope it's big enough to hold all my junk.

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