Monday, July 10, 2006

Quilting revisited

I kind of like not running to shows each weekend. I enjoy digging up old projects for "me". I started working on this quilt...mmmm maybe 10 years ago...then again maybe more. It was for my son's bed, what was I thinking. I picked an "ehem" easy pattern with vibrant colors. It must not have gone together that easy or it would have been done!! So I drug it out to finish it this time. Don't get smart and start taking bets on the finalization of yet another project. I love the intense color of this quilt so much I may keep it and hang it somewhere? That would mean painting, and I still have not painted my living room...I figure I will wait till Fall. The paint fumes kill me, so I need to open the windows and it has to be cool or I will combust. Besides I want to play!!! Vacation is over and off to the salt mines tomorrow. I teach a felting accessory class this Thursday, at Fiberwood Studio.


Betty said...

I returned from vacation this past Saturday and went back to the salt mine on Monday. Vacation was splendid and restful. I had a blast with my sisters on the Oregon coast and visited several yarn shops and the last one had a small cafe with soups, sandwiches and coffee. Yarn and food, what a great combination. The owner also invites customers to come down and knit any time. She also has free classes on saturday morning to teach beginners and techniques to the seasoned knitter. Now there is a concept, teach them, feed them, and then when everyone is fat and happy with new knowledge and ideas sell them yarn. Nothing like getting you when your defenses are down. But from one yarn junkie to the next who can resist.

My in shape sisters almosted killed me on hikes and I couldn't even blame it on the altitude because we were at sea level! I have to get back to the gym.

And now for something totally different, today is my 20th wedding aniversary. 20 years of wedded bliss and blisters.

Spiderlady said...

Happy Anniverary...Congratulations, I'm glad you had a good vacation...Welcome back!!!