Saturday, July 15, 2006

The only way

When it's 95' ,in the shade, there is only one thing to do.....stay inside in the air and look outside. Even the puppies know that. It is too hot to breath, so I filled the puppy pool and had the kids over. I was planning on working on the quilt but instead I opted to sit and relax. I am on the home stretch of the Moebius bag, and hopefully will make some progress. I am also doing a little koolaid dying to make a fruit loop necklace. I thought what could make fun colors for fruit loops like Berrylicious and Cheery Cherry, Lemon/Lime and Orange, and if all fails I can eat them. A Microwave, is a lot cooler on a day like today and I can still be inside.

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annie said...

It's like Joey times 2!! So cute!

One my idiot cats got out on Thursday night, she's in now, it's all good. But there were several hours spent outdoors between 12 and 4 am with a plate of tuna. 87% humidity does nothing for the smell of tuna. In the hustle to get the cat back in, the plate of tuna became lost outside and I can't find it. But you bet your bippie I can SMELL it somewhere out there! *gag* I don't think she was such a fan of the heat, either. She laid on the floor in front of the air for a long time.

Also, I have used about a whole tube of Afterbite, still look like I have sme sort of pox and will probably come down with West Nile any second now.