Saturday, April 03, 2010

Opps there they go.....

There is a group of us going to Yarn School the end of this month. We are so excited and decided to have a little preplanning party at Gbabys home. It is a beautiful loft, on the fourth floor. We ate and laughed and had a really great time, visiting and discussing the Yarn School trip. It was getting late and the driver has an hour and half drive home from my house, so we packed up our cooler and headed to the elevator. HH had keys in hand and reached out or something to do over the hole to hell (the elevator crack that has swallowed many unsuspecting items) I am standing in the back of the elevator, the spot where you check out the back of everyones heads. I hear a CLINK, CLINk, CLInk, CLink, Clink, four stories of clinking. I see the two in front both staring down the hell hole....uhhhmmm tell me those weren't the car keys??? I get two heads looking back at me like I had a third eye, or they were going to kill me, one of the two. Yes they were the tell me...One keychain, with remote, two keys, a palm tree, and some other chotchke thing hanging on it, slipped through the crack without hanging up on any of that dangly stuff????? Our theory was we were not meant to leave at that moment. We may have been saved from some horrible accident or incident or some intervention. So we trapse back to the Loft and review our options. We are kind of laughing, kind of feeling bad for HH, after all it is her loss and she lives on the edge of the earth. Ok, Gbaby can drive us home.....rothfl...she has a two seater car??? Ok so that won't work, she calls the Manager, he answers and tells us great news....only the elevator company can retrieve those keys and he thinks that may cost $600-800. but if it makes you feel better there is another set of keys down there....Well Halleluhia it now will have company!!! Plan B...Gbaby will drive me home and I will go back and pick everyone up...Ok, so it is a fairly nice warm evening, for Wisconsin and Gbaby says want to put the top down on her car??? Oh hell yah...can we turn the heat on??? sure we can even turn the seat heat way??? So off we went on our escapade to save each other.... It was fun and we all got home safe and sound, I think Zannaree slept for most of it, but who knows what we avoided....Happy Easter

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