Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm back...

Vacation is over, and I had a great time. We really got a taste of Midwest America, some of it is very sad. We did conclude a couple of things, the freeway really killed small towns away from it and they really needed rain in Missouri. When we decided what route to choose we went with the river, we had visions of river towns and following along the mighty Mississippi, tug boats and barges moving slowly and shoreside attractions. We both agreed we would stop and take in any sights that may interests us. The trip down that Lazy river fell short at that, I don't know what I envisioned but it certainly wasn't there. The Great River Road, does not follow along the river, and if it does it goes through the butt side of the towns that are there. I think we agreed that the best part of the Mississippi is in Wisconsin/Minnisota. The bluffs and hilly landscape are breath taking. So on with our trip, we made a designated stop at Hannabal MO, the birthplace of Mark Twain. Kim was sure she saw it on the internet and it had beautiful pictures of a husseling small town, all decked out with little shops and drenched in history of the south. So we went....needless to say it became the brunt of our trip. I will and have teased Kim relentlessly about the beautiful city of Hannabal, which had an old jail, a trip to the cave they whole city used for a Fallout shelter (we did not partake) a dinner cruise on a boat, we were there at lunch, but it did have a light house as pictured above. If by chance you made plans to go to Hannabal on your vacation, uhhhmm you may want to do more calling about that one. The downtown area is very cute, but just like so many other places are pretty much closed up. We did look for yarn shops and ended up at one in Columbia MO, which led us to another shop and that was fun, I bought a Turkish drop spindle that is carved and beautiful and was brought here from Turkey. Missouri needed rain there was so much dust and it was so dry, we may have brought some rain there for them. We drove all back roads and both of us had to pee, so our quest was for a bathroom and lunch. We were in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere and there was this really large restaurant/bar, that looked clean and had quite a few cars in front. We stopped and had probably the best BBQ brisket sandwich ever, it was so good. It was just kind of weird where it was located and it was busy!!!!! My favorite city has to be, Lawrence KS. It is a college town and has a really cool downtown and is easily navigated. It is clean and I really wish we would have had more time to spend there. More about Yarn School later.

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