Monday, April 12, 2010

Weirdo magnets

Ok, so yesterday my brother Scott is going to go to Bass Pro shop in Gurnee Il. I said I'll ride along I have nothing to do and it would be a nice change of pace. So we did and on the way is Mars cheese factory, it is a landmark and I have never ever been there. Someone recently told me that they serve food, so we went for lunch, it is a big place and busy. So we continue our trip to Bass Pro and commence to shop, Scott goes one way and I just wander. I am standing by the jewelry counter and a young man stands about two feet from me and looks left and then right and I am watching him, because he looks like he is going to steal something, well he stole my attention. He passes gas, really loud....whoopee cushion loud and I say "Nice timing dude" he turns and gives me the dirty look. I move and I am embarrassed because he makes me look like I did it....uh uh buddy, I have control of my valve and there was two of us there and it was NOT me...I quick had to go run and tell my brother. I think he was in uniform, probably from Great Lakes Naval base. LOL....lucky me. Today was a no incidence weirdos or wackos and I got a ton of running done. Errands complete...check. I am getting ready for Yarn school wahooooo!!!!

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