Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wake up call

Last night I cleaned what I think is going to be an extinct Senseo pod coffee maker. I just add vinegar and run it through and then supposedly throw the water out. I left a little in the reservoir last night and made a nice fresh cup of Joe this morning...whew....that'll put some pucker in your morning. I don't even need to brush my teeth after that.
It is seven days till yarn school. We are not really planning our route but looking for interesting things to see on our way. I am in charge of that, but how far we go and where we go are two different things to me. I have some fun things up my sleeve. The jean saga continues and I am shrinking jeans as I type, you know if you hem jeans before you wash them they always shrink up but if you don't hem them, they don't shrink??? Why is that??? I have some great ideas for Late Summer this year, and yes it involves a Tea Party.

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