Friday, April 30, 2010

I see London

So I was looking at photos from Yarn School on the web when I noticed I had on a dk blue/navy t shirt for dying. It is a soft comfy shirt and is quite old, there was a line across the front of it, that looked like a salt sweat line???? Uh no it was my bra, it was pretty sheer. Now I am not the person you want to see in sheer anything unless it is sheer excitement, not sheer clothing!!!! I never looked in the mirror, it is my dying shirt...never again in public. Which brings to mind I had this really hot looking dress in the 80's it was Navy Blue with white polka dots and a peplum skirt and white shiny belt. The top was fitted and I had my Streisand hairdo, just rocking this dress. Someone took a photo of me and oh look, you can see my bra through the dress like I had no top on at all!!!!! Do cameras have Xray vision???? I would look in the mirror and didn't see that???? To make matters worse I had huge kaboobs at that time also, I didn't need one of those thought clouds saying "LOOK HERE" it was an eye magnet! I guess all the dates I got wearing that particular dress had underlying meanings....and I mean underlying, more like underwear!!! Who needs sexy lingerie, wear navy blue!!!!
I am spinning mohair today and it is getting warm, so if you see me and I am sporting a Guido mustache, beard and hairy chest of bright red, please disregard, it is MO hair not JAN hair.

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