Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project holdup

I am working on a special project to bring to Yarn school. I ordered some white nepps from etsy and have been waiting and waiting and waiting and private messaged the seller only to find out, they are coming from Scotland??? seriously Jan you didn't look where they came from???? nope....but I will from now on. So I am still holding my breath that they get here by Saturday. I would still have time use them and time enough to spin the project, on Sunday of course. I am getting things ready here for vacation. Having someone stay at your home and dogsit is a little strange. I have to grocery shop, clean and make sure everything is set here. I also have to leave the house clean, I detest coming home to a messy house, I should pay the sitter to clean while she is here???? hhhmmmm
It is beautiful here today and I am heading to the deck to sit outside with a cup of Joe

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