Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Won't be long now

We are going to have a magic is supposed to be warm and the trees are all ready to pop!!! I have been watching this very very close on our walks. It always seems to happen overnight or when my back is turned. This year I am waiting and watching, I am going to see the earth turn better happen before Tuesday. So the packing came to halt. I have the suitcase ready but have nothing in it, I am in the note mode...headphones, camera, pills etc. you know. I remember going somewhere one time and having to buy underwear because I forgot to pack some, and there is just something gross about wearing new underwear without washing them. or is it just me??? I am also waiting for some white nepps to come in the mail. I ordered them about a week ago with great expectations of seeing them four days later. So I pm the seller and she is in Scotland?So these are very special little wool nepps. I have a project for the Dying teacher, Adrian Bazillia, at yarn school, her shop is Hello Yarn. She is a fantastic dyer and a very fun person, she has knitting patterns on She also has a roving club that is virtually impossible to get into and I am doing my best to suck up...yeah I know but I hang my head in shame and will do what it takes....I plead just one more, just me....come on....she is firm, so I have gifts and bounty up my sleeve... She better be careful, I am in WANT mode.

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