Monday, April 19, 2010

Sleepless in Oak Creek

Actually I did sleep well last night, tonight might be another issue. Getting ready for vacation is stressful. I have a dog that needs to be cared for, a shop that needs to be shut down. There is wash to do, cleaning and grocery shopping for the house/dog sitter. Packing is something I hate, but unpacking is worse. Don't forget your pills!!!! Tonight dinner with my son and DIL, the last supper...Lol. Tried to take my mom out for Breakfast but she has church??? Go to the dump, buy dog food, finish the wash, think about what project to bring, this is a tough one. I am working on a sweater I started when I opened the shop, my ideas where that if you own a yarn shop, your knitting will become showpieces of art....hhhhmmmm I guess you need to finish something first, also you need to have time to knit. I have Art yarn spinning to get done, planning is the longest process in that. I am excited to take photos on this trip, beautiful captures of life in America, National Geographic stuff. (I tend to be dillusional) but that is what I strive for Art photos. So when I come back we will see what ends up on the web. I will update if I can get WIFI, in the middle of nowhere!!! Have a good week and see you next week.
On Desperate Housewives last night the Russian Bride left with my suitcase, it is a funky hard sided black and white houndstooth with fushia pink trim. Who knew I was fashionable?????

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