Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dawg tired

My bebe is so tired he fell asleep with the ball in his mouth...what a life. I am working on the ruffled shawl pattern using Kim Leach from Happy Hands yarn. I cannot believe how many variations there are on this pattern. Since we have been knitting on it, I bet four different variations have surfaced and other knitters are knitting. It is such a nice easy mindless knitting project. It is fun and Kim took the hassle of figuring out what yarns and colors go together in her kit. If you are so inclined the pattern is free on ravelry, it is loosly based on a Vogue knitting pattern, someone changed it up and it is FREE!! You heard me FREE, on the Internet, imagine that, don't you love Ravelry, there are so many Free patterns on there. You can also purchase tons of patterns, I highly recommend that if you don't already have a membership you should join., it's FREE!! Enjoy the day!!!

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