Sunday, May 02, 2010

I need to vent!!

I was watching the protests on TV for illegal immigration....Ok, first off, it is called ILLEGAL immigration, there a millions of immigrants here legally. I understand you have to do paperwork and wait to get a green card but so did the people on Ellis Island, they were subjected to body searches, if they coughed they were sent back. They were scrutinized and questioned and quaranteend. I am watching these people protesting in Spanish??? How can we be educated on their protests if I can't understand what they are saying???? I have a pet peeve with the fact that they have a sign saying in plain English "Drivers License for All" really?????? Why???? Yes I had drivers education in school but my son had to earn enough money to pay for his Drivers Ed outside of school. If he couldn't afford the education he certainly could not afford a car or gas money let alone insurance. Driving is a Priviledge not a right, where do people get off having every darn thing handed to them and then to say you are here illegally???? A man came on and said through a translater that he is a welder and got hurt on the job and the Workers Comp called immigration because he is illegal. His family will suffer if they deport him. What were you thinking????? Of course they will suffer, you are doing something ILLEGAL. File your paperwork, learn English follow the rules of a Country, or go back to the Country you are calling home. I do understand racial profiling and that is not an acceptable process, but saying that, I have seen many blond haired Spanish speaking people. I believe if, like the welder you are busted then you should be deported, not breaking down doors and seeing if "your papers are in order" My grandfather came here from Yugoslavia, he had to learn English, even more interesting was when he married my grandmother a native in this Country she lost her citizenship and she too had to apply to become a citizen. They were proud of being in America, they did what they had to do to become American Citizens. They were embarrassed that they spoke a foreign language and worked hard to speak English. There were no road signs and advertising in any other language but English. If I travel 5 miles from me to a specific area I cannot read the ads on billboards, if I go into the stores in that area, they play Music in a language I can't understand???? When did I cross the border??? Why am I a natural born citizen shut out in my own Country. I am miffed at these going ons. I can think of a list of things I would like to do that are illegal, if I do them should I be punished???? Why? It would hurt my family?? Why do I have to follow the law??? Why do any of us have to follow the rules??? I say we all protest the fact that Illegal is a stupid word and we should be able to do whatever we want!!! A free for all , no rules no prisons,
Things I want to do illegally
Speed, I want to go as fast as I can anywhere I want
Shoot my gun, up in the air, at squirrels off of my back porch,
Rob a bank so I have lots of money
Park my car anywhere I want
Have no insurance on anything sucking my accounts dry
Drink and Drive
Shoplift, If I want something why can't I just take it?
Live in a camper on the beach, what you think it would disrupt the beauty of a beach???? a trailer park?
When does being illegal stop??? Go get your papers and then you avoid the problem. Many millions of people have followed the rules and are living here and enjoying America.....I am not just speaking of Hispanic people either, it was just that they were on TV, it is all immigrants, from all Countries.
Ok I'm done, is it just me???

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