Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Daily Laugh

This morning on our walk, we pass the light sign which has removable letters on it. From time to time the letters get rearranged which amazes me that these kids can be so creative in a timely manner. So this morning our sign read " Mother's Day Fart Air" it made me laugh, uhm yes it should say Mother's day Art Fair!!!!! Then along the way is a row of Apple trees and they are in full bloom, they smell and look so beautiful I always take a moment to just soak up their beauty and study their Artwork. Meanwhile my furry friend is sniffing the treemail and leaving his notes. I had a great two days off, Sunday I watched old movies, and Monday I got the errands done for the week. I am taking an online photography class and it has assignments which I actually look forward to. I sent them in and am awaiting my final results. I love having homework, (only when I love what I am doing do I love homework) It makes me do something I may not have done otherwise. It challenges our brain and who doesn't need some brain arousal. Well I am off to do some spinning so I can send it off for sale. Enjoy this beautiful day!!!

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