Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Turn on the lights

I know timers can be great, for putting a TV to sleep shortly after you go to sleep, for turning off lights and lots of things but tell me one reason you would use a timer for shutting off the air conditioning??? I went to bed kind of early after a day of doing nothing, but painting my nails/toenails, uhm that's pretty much it, oh watching all of this seasons Tudors...uhhhh, getting a few groceries. I guess that kind of day makes me tired. So I have the air on but I am hot, sweating hot, so in the dark I find the remote for the airconditioner and start pushing buttons till I find the one lowering the temp, this wall unit has Cool, Dry, Air, fan speed, and a timer I found out. I sleepily crawl back into bed and just start dozing off with the comforter pulled to my chin and it quits??? The air quits, I first check the clock to see if we lost electricity but it was still solid and bright? I get up and turn it back on again, go back into bed and fall sound asleep, only to wake up to sweatfest, no air. I get up crabby now as ever grab the remote and hello Jan turn on the lights to see what the heck I was doing, sure enough it was on timer??? Now please what reason would you have to turn on the air, to make it nice and cool and then turn it off in the midst of sleeping??? If it were cool enough to do that I wouldn't have turned it on????? Now I learned to turn on the lights before I pull that one again. I am going to take a nap.

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Anonymous said...

ours has a tmer, too and I thought the same thing...fall asleep all comfy and wake up sweating like crazy in 6 hours? Ooh, fun!