Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Weekend!!!

What a great weekend!!! The weather held out for our Mothers Day Art show and we had a huge turnout!!! Chris the jeweler did an awesome job of setting it up and getting some good vendors in here. Saturday, I had a little visitor to the shop and he and his sister take great pride in rearranging the sheep in the shop, but funnier yet was one of the sheep, has rockers on it, and I found this!!! He is so cute and right after I took this shot, Iggy of course had to sit right in front of him for his shot. So I planned on taking my mom out for Mothers day dinner and I had called her and told her that early in the day, at 4pm when I closed I left to go pick her up and tried to call her....and call her and call her every five minutes till I gave up...and went home. She called at 5 and asked what we were going to do???? I asked her where she was??? Oh I went to get the mail....really mom, what did you do all day??? nothing?? and you had to get the mail at 4pm when I was going to pick you up???? We cancelled and will go this week sometime unless she has to get the mail....LOL

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Anonymous said...

Since when do we get mail on Sunday....Angela