Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Going to miss you Uncle Ray

If you had ever wanted to be entertained and laugh till your sides hurt, you should have met my Uncle Ray. He is my dad's brother and they were two opposites. My dad was more reserved and quiet while my Uncle was the center of attention. He could tell stories and make you laugh really hard. If by chance you made him laugh, he would start knee slapping and you could get caught in the slapping action and or mugging if you sat too close to him. He ran a campground in Rome, Wisconsin for years and worked for the City of West Allis for many more before that. Everybody liked him, everybody knew him, he was that kind of guy. He lived life to the fullest, and when his diabetes started getting out of control his legs bothered him the most. He wanted to go fishing in the pond where he was living in a Senior home, so off he went with his scooter and fishing pole and set off some sort of alarm and the employess thought he was escaping??? He thought that was quite a story. I could always count on a hug from him after my dad died. Somewhere I have recordings of him and dad talking about their childhood, I am going to have to find them and make some copies, besides it would be great to hear my dad talking after all of these years. I'm going to miss you Uncle Ray!!

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