Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Viking Knitting

Wow, I had Sandy Bulgrin teach a class on Viking Knitting....she is an awesome teacher and thought of everything to bring including a garbage bin. It was a great class and I am excited for the next one, we made the bracelet above. It is easy and you finish the project and wear it home. Everyone was admiring their wrists as they left the shop. What is so cool is even if it looks kind of funky on the dowel it looks great after you draw it. Those my friends are all Viking terms....Thanks Sandy!!!! She is going to teach two more of the classes with one almost full already!!! She is also planning a beaded Kumihimo class on a Saturday, I need to get a photo of this. So not much new here, I have been spinning quite a bit, and eating fuzz too.

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Anonymous said...

I had a great time. Ilove my bracelet. I can't wait to head to Jo Anne's for supplies.