Saturday, April 01, 2006

March Meeting

We had a large group of Fiber Fanatiks on Thursday!! I didn't crop everyone off of the photos the mosaic did that Sorry!! It was actually a quiet group...(we had food)! There are so many cool projects people are making and I'd have to say Shrugs tops the list. It's hard to get a photo of everyone, unless of course you confiscate the forks, and throw a ball of yarn in one corner and as they all dash for the ball of yarn...hollar "Free Fiber!!!" and with smiles they would all turn around and "Click" photo opp!!! I am still threading my loom, I found a mistake, so it was time to take a break. I am almost ready to weave. I have been using the shoelace method as taught by the "Singing Weaver" Nadine Sanders. Wisconsin Weavers had a program with her a few years back and I was intrigued and it has proved to be easier and faster once you are set up. That is providing you don't make a mistake!!!

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gail said...

If I had more years to my lifetime, I would also start weaving. As it stands now, I think I have more yarn and project ideas for knitting than I have lifetime. I figure what whenever I die, my daughters will find at least 20 more years of yarn and patterns in my stash!! Good luck with your weaving--it is a gorgeous art. Meanwhile, come to a Madison Knitters Guild meeting sometime--or bring your friends to the Sows Ear in Verona for a saturday of knitting sometime! We wisconsin knitters have to hang together.