Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter traditon

In keeping with the Easter tradition, many families and children woke to gayly filled Easter baskets..brimming with brightly colored cellophane grass and flavored jelly beans. Tall standing Chocolate rabbits and creme filled eggs. Halt....did I say Chocolate rabbits? Well our house and please don't tell my 30 year old son had another tradition.
I was good while filling the basket on the Eve of the Holiday. I arranged every piece of candy in a cute manner, and I even limited the amount of crappy candy that no one likes. (I'm thinking those pastel colored sugar eggs?) So with the basket filled and sitting on the livingroom floor, kind of hiding in plain sight. I would be watching TV and like a magnet that basket would pull my eye over to all that chocolate...the smell would be softly drifting through air...settling around my nose. Chhhoooooooccccccooooooollllllaaattttteeeeee.....jjjjjaaaaannnnnnn....eeeaaaaattttt mmmmmeeeeeeeee jjjjjuuusssttt aaa lllliiiitttttlllllleeeee nnnnniiiiibbbbbbbbblllllllleeeeee. Darn what were my options...In an angry manner, I would just march over and before I could get a grip I would bite the ears off of the chocolate rabbit that was leering at me from the edge of the basket....taunting me beyond my will power...ooppppsss. As the chocolate was melting in my mouth, and the sweet sensation rushed through my vains...I would get a feeling of what? What do I do? I ruined Tall Earred Tommy the chocolate rabbit, his grin still frozen on his face. I have whole life...been precariously put into these jams...self inflicted but a McGiver in getting out of them. So as any good mother would do, I put jelly beans in the rabbits head, like it came that way...a jelly bean filled Easter Squirrel!!!! Alas a family tradition was born. Each and every Easter eve...I knew I had an out..did you know they make rabbits with 10" ears? Happy Easter!!


Lois said...

Do you know that everytime I see a chocolat bunny I think of you? Ever since you told me this story several years ago. Love it!!!

annie said...

an easter squirrel! that is adorable. And what the heck is up with those nasty sugar eggs? Blech.

We never got any Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs in our baskets, but there were always a whole lot of wrappers in my mom's garbage can around that time of year..hmmm. ;p

Spiderlady said...

Did you notice that I left the rabbit/squirrel in the hot car and his belly sunk in...another reason to eat him and put him out of his misery.