Thursday, April 06, 2006

Picture this

The smell of Spring is in the air, red breasted robins are singing their sweet song. The sun is shining warmly...I drag my tired butt out in the back yard and alas my hammock is waking up from a season of cold and snow!!! I took my binoculars out there and a blanket and watched some birds..actually looking for the cardinals that sing at dawn and dusk each day. It was wonderful...the sun was warm and soothing...and I napped. I am going to embrace my plumbing this weekend. All is well....!
Ha sounds like I should now have the munchies!!! I am ...carefully form these word with your lips...making a swatch...I know I know, I think I may have inhaled too many sewer fumes. I am knitting a shrug for Cheryl, she is always cold at work so I thought a nice off white shrug would do the job. It will go with everything. I am knitting the ribbing and it looks boring? So I am going to go to bed...daylight savings is kicking my hinney!!!

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annie said...

What? Doesn't everyone make a swatch?

Ok, I only swatch when I am trying a complex patterns (which for me is anything more than plain knit or plain purl) so that I can work out most of the kinks in the swatch and get the rhythm of it before I move to the actual item. And even then, I still only swatch because I pretty much refuse to rip back because it pisses me off too much to be good for me.