Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Still strung out!

I am slowly recovering from an intense weekend with wrenches. When I am more relaxed and it is happening, I will look at my further bathroom remodeling options? Do I knock out the tile or try to salvage the mess? So I finally have my loom all ready to weave. I worked on it tonight, before "Lost"...I am addicted. I have to switch between Idol and Lost, with Lost as my primary and during commercials trying to catch who gets voted off of Idol....oh the drama!!!
I have to wind some bobbins with some rayon weft, and decide what I am going to want this to look like? smooth, bumpy...subtle or subtle? I am weaving fabric, and the colors aren't really my favorite but I think they will weave nicely. There are no samples in this house...unless it's a sample of a brownie, and then you can be reassured that there will be a whole pan somewhere close by. Hey can you believe Easter is next week? I just found out..I seem to be having a problem with calenders this year?? Thank you all for your support on the plumbing issue!!! Planning any Orange or yellow projects?


annie said...

Whoa! That looks intimidating

Spiderlady said...

It is really inviting me to weave and not do plumbing...but then again shoving bamboo shoots under my finger nails would be better than plumbing.