Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Answer to your questions

In response to the questions of what pattern is it? I designed it...hahahahhahahahahahhahahha I lied!!! It is from Knit It magazine the leave until April 2006 issue. There actually is another very cute shrug in the book too. The shrug was really fast and simple. I used Lion brand chunky in Fisherman and it took three skeins. Cheap and easy!!! I gave it to Cheryl tonight and I think she liked it, although she tried it on over a hooded sweatshirt...not the most flattering on the runways these days. We meaning Joey and I visited with the little fur kids, they are too cute. Baby news!!! Lois had another little grandbaby girl!!! Congratulations Grama!! I also finished my St. George and the dragon or something socks and they have weird I have been kicking walls all my life. I will take a photo when I have washed them and a miracle will happen. Tomorrow night is Fiber Fanatiks and it has seemed like a long time since I was there..a month? Hope to see you all there!!

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