Wednesday, April 12, 2006

St George socks reappearance..

I was digging around under my loom as I was tying up the treadles...and low and behold I found some UFO's!! Imagine that, so for a very horrible is St. George Mystical Mosaic socks from Blackberry Ridge. I think I started these about....ooohhh 3 years ago and that is being conservative. I lost interest when I realized I probably can't wear them because they are too big a knit for my Princess feet. I have one sock done and I have to say it is a pretty homely looking sock..and I am going to hope ....that the blocking will do wonders. I am off for the rest of the week and have a full dance card. My son is leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow morning where he is going on vacation and also to Phuket, Thailand. I am excited for him, it should be a great trip and I told him that fabric would suit me fine..batik would be nice but whatever!!! We are not the sovenier type of family, so I'm sure he will bring me something unusual. My word of advice to him is if while in Phuket..he notices that the beach is getting really start running for the hills. And don't visit any chicken petting zoos!!! And don't bring home anything that eats!!! I was getting geared up for Lost tonight and the electric went out. I have been joking about having to live in a cardboard box if I don't pay my utility bill soon but I paid it ...honest. I thought maybe they lost my check? So I sheepishly went outside to find the whole block was out ...phew!!!! I guess it was a tree thing.

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Betty said...

I actually finished a pair of those socks and promptly gave them to my mother. I had to wing the toe because I couldn't get the checker board effect to come out.

Well to be honest, I think I started winging after the first 10 rows or so.

I'll finish them for you if you like only I can't guarante that they will look like a "pair" of socks. I guess you'll have to take your chances.