Tuesday, April 04, 2006

House for Sale

Cheap!!!! All new plumbing!!! I have been struck with the schtinking plumbing woes!!!! You may remember I bought a new faucet for the bathroom because it was leaking. After my clogged drain episode...I have just looked at the new faucet and admired how nice it looks in the box. So I was going to take a shower and with one clunk, no water came out of the shower head...no big deal I don't like showers anyway...but....in order to not become a ghetto house, I figured this weekend I would change the faucet washers, because that is probably what is wrong. Mind you there were no leaks!!! After screwing off all of Saturday morning, I decided to shut off the water and change the washers....ez enough...sound familiar? SSSsooooo, I proceded with the operation and all is well....in less than 30 minutes I am done...but wait...as long as the water is off, I may as well put in the new faucet....all is well...looks good tie up all the loose ends and turn on the water...we're now talking 6:00pm...Down in the basement and turn on the water...run upstairs and the hot water faucet is leaking...more like it is pissething, not the new one the one that didn't leak before in the tub. Ok tighten the packing nut...I do this all the time. It still leaketh..tough crapola. I am going to sit down and relax for a bit, I will tackle it tomorrow!!!
Sunday morning
Turn off the water, tools in hand and hike up two flights of steps and remove the hot water faucet assembly...washer looks good? but I will change it again and check the seat...smooth? Ok this will do it..button it all up and go two flights down and turn on the water and walk back up Oh and don't forget my stress level is rising and so "Precious" is sensing this and is walking two steps ahead of me all the way...little did she know my foot was about to spontaneously ram into her butt....I talk myself down and Oh look the faucet is still leaking...I take a wrench and tighten it down some more...so...three more times trying to analyze what could be the problem and it's 4:00 Sunday night...my patience is down to nill and I am frustrated. I take a long break and re-evaluate the situation...Eat some chocolate and watch my shows and go to sleep...that's it sleep on it.
Monday morning
The pissething faucet will surely put my water bill over the edge if I keep letting it run like that so I shut the water off to the house and go to work...I pick every ones brain and ask if they ever ran across this? Most probable answer..."No? and an added Plumbing sucks!! I have a game plan..after work I will go to the plumbing experts with my dear assembly....
3:30pm I walk into the pro shop and he looks at my faucet and says "HHhmmmm Bob? You ever seen one like this?" UUUmmm no can't say that I have..can't help you, maybe the housing is cracked? I grab my unique schtinking faucet and leave with no help. I stop at home again open the closet behind the bathroom..after emptying all of the crap I forgot I had and rip out the whole "Unique" faucet set. Off to Ace....another salesman....are you sure it has an 8.5 center...yeah buddy, I can read a freeking ruler, maybe if you want I can take this One of a kind morphadite and shove it ...oh never mind...off I go to torment some other saleman at Home Depot. I buy a new faucet with 8" centers and figure I will force the sucker to fit.
8:00pm I am done and you can see how the Hillbilly is going to leave it till I can finish it...which means now I have to rip out the rest of the tile. I actually took a bath and enjoyed looking into my office from the tub...I can do this....for now!! So don't bother calling me ever again...I am grounded for life to this money pit!!!


Betty said...

Some body(Dean)once told me,"all you need to know about plumbing is s--t flows down hill and pay day's Thursday". Some how I think there is more to it.

The two home repair rules I know from experience are; nothing goes easy and expect to make 4 trips to the hardware store. And there is no one at the hardware store that can help you.

Annie said...

If it helps at all, my tub faucet is on sideways from when I tried to put a nice shiny, non corroded and non- "permanently tainted with somene else's pubies" faucet in. I was able to install the shower switcher thingy and that's it. And I cannot get the faucet to go back onto the pipey thing pointing down because I am pretty sure if I turn it any more I am going to bust the tile. So sideways it will stay until I feel I can deal with it without bashing it into my tiled walls. You are not alone, and you are way braver than I am, I will do anything to avoid ripping out tiles.

Also, when you use words like "pipey thing" at Home Depot their eyes glaze over. I hate every last home depot employee.

Lois said...

Crap! Plumbimg is awful! I thank goodness don't have plumbing problems but my car died, yes just died, last night on my way to Kro-Sha. The freeway was stopped so I was merrily crusing down Bluemound and it died in front of the Zoo. I called Jeff and he came and didn't have a clue so I called a toe truck and then took it to Moon's for me. Unfortunately, Moon, is backed up and don't know when they'll get toit. I trust them and there it will sit till they can get to it. I'm carless!!!!

Janyce said...

From learned experience with Lee, I will refrain from any comment on this one.