Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Betty Crocker baby!!!

Oh Yeah....Betty Crocker ain't got nothin on me!!! I made this carrot cake from an awesome easy recipe. It's all gone already, I brought some to my invalid brother that is still off with a bad back. He is slowly moving better but still laid up. It was a good cake. I forgot to (didn't really want to drudge it up) mention that I had a flat on the freeway Saturday. So here I am with Joey as my passenger pulled off on the off ramp...with my arse up in the air trying to lower the spare from under the truck. Praying that the spare is full of was. This really nice guy...stops and asked if I needed help....What? Moi? Need Miss I can do it not a problem? Me the one that can't accept help from thank you and then I proceeded to kick myself in the butt...What is wrong with I vow the next person unless of course it is a Grandma in a handicab that offers to help me I will graciously accept. So a half hour later I am still fixing this tire...just kidding! I put me butt up in the air again and figured either I'll scare the crap out of them....or they may say..."Hey the chick could stand to loose a few pounds...good job for her." or they will offer to help. I loosen all the lug nuts and have the tire down on the asphalt along with a me lying down under the truck trying to put the jack under the axle, meanwhile watching to see if I am going to witness the vehicle that is going to make a pancake out of me. I see a pair of feet or shoes...and I look up and it's a saint...not my definition of a knight in shining armor, but a nice guy that wasn't going to take no for an answer anyway...I let him help!!! He was very nice and I did hand him things like a wrench. I felt guilty though....I could have done it, but it sure was nice not to!!!! I didn't offer him any money because I don't think he took credit cards..well if he did he had a prime opportunity while I was face down with my rearend up in the air. I thanked him and we were both off...What a nice guy!!! They are still out there.


Betty Phuket said...

So far I have had only one flat that I got going to work and Dean came and changed it while I was at work. That was one time working 2nd shift came in handy.

I don't have any trouble letting some body else change a tire. I could probably do it, it would just take the better part of a day and some drunk would probably run me over just as I close my trunk after I finished the job.

Bravo Jan, for taking that first step and letting some one else do the dirty work. Hey, where was this knight in shining armor when you were snaking out the drain?

Spiderlady said...

I have to remember baby steps? Prince Charming is where he will always be that Ivory Tower! I looked through my rose colored glasses and saw him waving me on!!