Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Fever

The sweet taste of Spring...!! I fear this weather because up until May 10th I don't think we are in the clear!!! I almost thought of uncovering my lounge furniture, but slapped myself before I got totally crazy. I did lay in the hammock though. I am almost through plumbing I caulked the tub tonight whilst taking my bath and I need to fix the cold water faucet and I am hopefully done. Two major projects left to do is to paint my livingroom and bathroom. I am thinking a blushing pink for the bathroom and a green of some sorts for the living room. I am in a color mode...sick of white...real sick of white. I have not wove on my newly dressed loom and I have only knit a little. I have to start getting ready for shows, I am being a slacker!!! I was laying in my hammock and closed my eyes and when I opened them...someone cut my sky in two!!!!!


Betty said...

You better think twice about this painting idea. First you have to get boxes to put all your wall art in so Precious and the cat gang don't tear it up, second you have to move that mamoth television you have, and C. you have to move the furniture. And after you move the furniture and see how dirty the carpet is you will have to clean it after you paint. Put a cold rag on your forehead and lay down in your hammock girl and wait until the the feeling passes.

As far as I'm concerned, paint is a four letter word.

Lois said...

You hit it right on the head, I'm advising the same! What are you thinking Jan?

annie said...

Oh moving everything is going to be a huge pain in the keister!

But nothing freshens up a room like a fresh coat of paint, either... You really don't want my advice on this. We have lived here 4 years, we have 6 rooms. I have painted 12 rooms since we moved in. I have 2 cans of paint sitting in my kitchen right now waiting to transform my walls from lemon yellow to apple green.

Spiderlady said...

Ha ha ha have not seen me paint!! I move all the crap off of one wall and paint it and hang it back on and so on. I cannot stand the chaos of a room in turmoil. Press and seal is my friend, I cover everything up with it and leave it. I have to do the ceilings though and that stinks. If I paint and the plumbing holds up I am almost caught up?

Betty said...

Maybe you can work out a deal with Annie. Annie can do your painting and you, Jan, can do her plumbing.

Okay, okay, it was just a thought for god's sake.