Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Resurrecting the Crippler

Remember the Crippler, aka the Einstein.... the beginning of Tendenitus...Carpal Tunnel and Acid Reflux. Well it has sat on my loom, doing just that looming about and leering at me to do something with it. I decided I didn't want the sleeves on it, because I have short arms and the sleeves only made them look shorter. I opted for a long vest like look. My brother made the buttons out of deer antlers. He used the stump of the antler, which is nearest the head. They are gorgeous. Tomorrow, which is Thursday is Fiber Fanatiks. I need some creative conversation. Hey Lois your colors are coming up for April!!! Orange and Yellow!!!!


Janyce said...

Creative conversation, now there's a comment to ponder!!!!!!!

Lois said...

Yes they are!!! Hummmmm... what shall I make? So many choices.