Thursday, March 16, 2006

Intestinal Fortitude?

Guess who isn't too happy, wearing the guts around her neck? Suddenly Joey got shy? Check out those ears pinned back to her head.....This has been a busy week, for me. I had the Sport show Tuesday, and making dinners to cook at a dinner to go, place on Wed. and tonight vegging out tonight, and shoveling the 24" of snow we didn't get!!! Oh by the way, you are all joking about my intestinal tract, but I don't see anybody else baring their guts!!! I think unlike the Harlot with her photos of socks all over the world, I may take up baring my guts all over the world??? hhhhmmmm I may be on to something.


Lois said...

Hey, I can see some potential there now that it's on someone. It just didn't look that good in a heap.

Janyce said...

Ha! I missed this one yesterday. Poor Joey, I know just how she feels. As a matter of fact, I am now going on record as saying, "There will be no picture of Janyce, looking confused, wearing that pink intestine"!!!!!!!!!!