Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Remember this Pink?

Can you remember the flowers? the green grass? color? I thought you may want a shot of color. I am done working on the pink intestine. I can always rely on fellow bloggers to set me straight on what it "Really" looks like!! I am not a pink fan to begin with and this looked kind of cute to me...until now, all I can see is my guts swirling around my neck. Or maybe Piggy Pink guts!!! eeeewwww!!! I am still winding warp of tencel for the yardage I want to weave. I do not like to wind warp...I don't mind dressing the loom but I don't care to wind the warp. I have to keep saying to myself...it is part of the process. I am going to the Sport show tonight with my brother. I have not been there in years and it is really close to my house. It's one of those things that you go to once every 10 years because they have the same gimmick fishing lures, which of course you HAVE to have. It's the kind that when you pull the line it goes deeper into the waters, enticing the trained fish to circle it and it dances and swirls and the fish gather around it in multitudes like it is an alien ship invading their waters. Oh the fish don't bite on it, but they look at it!!! Then there is the defogger, that keeps your glasses fog free...once!! The Nada chair that everyone had at least one of....this was a contraption that you strapped around your waist ( it took 3 hours to figure out how to get it right) then put these straps over your knees and it took the pressure off of your back while sitting on a bleacher... yeah....!! So between my brother and I, we have bought our share of gimmicks from this event and truthfully I can't wait to go again!!! Hey Sport show "Barkers" Hawkers....whatever....We're coming!!!!


Lois said...

What? You don't want boby parts hanging around your neck? Especially inside body parts? Silly girl! Jusy kidding. I think I've got figured out what to make in red and pink and sortof think I know which yarn I'm usung. Don't want to rush this ya know.

Annie said...

I kind of liked the pink guts, before you called them guts. Now they do look rather...gutty.

Is that...a flower? I have heard of those! If we actually get this blizzard today I think I will scream. I need some spring, I have actually stood in my basement to gaze longingly at my lone daffodil plant coming up in a wdinow well where we are obviously leaking warm air like a sieve.

Spiderlady said...

I am having technical difficulties with blogging? I hope they will be taken care of soon!! Stay tuned, I have somemore Intestinally twisted photos!!