Thursday, December 04, 2008

Slow down December

Wow, I am so backed up with stuff to do, not shopping, but business things....the newsletter had to go out the Christmas stocking voting started, bills to pay.....Sheep in the City class sign up began, so I am a bit relieved to have the first week of December go by!!!! So with all the loose ends getting tied up I am watching my crazy Iggy snapping in the air at nothing??? Ok, so he is a tad weird but he is so cute doing it??? He has once again found the shade chords and is obsessed with them. He is so spunky in the morning, it is hard to do anything. He is able to scale the back of the couch and look out the window, with great pleasure. I am working on a little sweater for Kim's class, One pattern , 1000 sweaters. I suggest you sign up for a class if you are interested, before they fill up!!!! The photo is Iggy and Millie at puppy kindergarden. Millie is a brindle Boxer and was so happy to be the "Big" dog for a change, they played so hard. Stud Iggy was the only guy at playtime this week. He of course was so proud and bossy, gotta go he has found my pj bottoms and is pulling them through the never ends.

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