Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year "2009"

Wow, another year has zipped by us, it seems the older we get the faster they go. I remember as a kid a year seemed like ages, Summer seemed like a year in itself. We played and played for what seemed like forever, and then back to school which seemed like forever and ever. Why is when we really want things to take a long time they don't. When we want things to go by fast, like a bad month, it drags and drags? I only have one month this year that I would not want to revisit. In a matter of 30 days in June, I lost my beloved Joey and my basement flooded. One month isn't too bad, out of 12? Then if I add up all the really good things that would counteract that bad month, there has been so much more good. Knitted projects? Well, I have found that if I keep it small it is doable for me. I can be concentrating on something and see some shiny thing and off I's that short attention span. i did finish a bunch of projects and no the Alice in Wonderland coat is not one of is my winter project.....
Potty training Iggy.....we have abandoned the Peepee pads because they became a game to drag around the house and chew up. So with the aid of the bathroom carpet which is where I had the pad, and precious Iggy thought he was on the pad, but missed. I put the carpet on the deck, hung jingle bells on the door and he is going potty outside. I am potty trained but he is doing pretty darn good. He eats I take him out, he looks sideways I take him out..I am doing really well. Yesterday I had him out on the deck and a huge hawk perches in the tree.. so now I have to keep an eye on him pretty close, no hawk is dragging my puppy off. I think he will do fine he is catching on to this much faster than the paper!!!!
Well I am going to the Studio to do some scarf dying nothing personal. I am looking forward to it. Stay warm and don't eat too much junk tonight and have a Wonderful New Year Eve.

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