Saturday, December 06, 2008

Losing it!!!!

So tonight I had to do a little shopping. I lured Iggy into his cage with a frozen Kong, with some kind of Kong juice inside. He was quiet and I left to do some shopping. I am in a great mood, it is cold out and cars are driving by with trees on top, it is snowing a little and Christmas music is playing. I get into the parking lot and wait for a car to pull out of a spot and some ignorant tard, whips in from the other side. I am a tad disgrunteled but not to lose the feel of the Season, I put down the window and screamed Merry Christmas!!!! To which he did not turn around or look back or anything, I did try to find the idiot in the store just to smile and again wish him a Happy Holiday, but in my mind I was thinking what you are thinking at that point. So I get my shopping cart and start to browse and some lady thinks she is going to pull a fast one and take my cart...oh no, lady, this is my cart there are more by the door, thank you.....So now I am looking at something on the shelf and another lady, about my size decides she can look at something on the opposite side with her arse real snug to me...uh uh, I happened to be here first and when the heck did I lose all my rights as a human being. I dig in my purse and find something that I had to get out and put on....a smile on a stick...( I sell these cheezy, paper smiles on tongue depressers).I say excuse me, but I am looking here.....she smiled and as though one more word out of her and I will rip her head off of her neck and put it in my shopping cart...she left and I thought I better too. Two ladies that were watching this encounter, were in hysterics. For goodness sake the aisles are only three feet wide where the heck are two fat butts going??? So now I am done and leave, in the safety of my car listening to more Christmas Carols and am feeling once again in the Holiday Spirit and then.....has anyone heard that drama queen Delilah on the radio????? So here I am driving and huffing at the radio, interjecting more drama than I can handle. Delilah, I would like you to play Happy Hippo, (or whatever the hell that crappy song is,) so the woman says I am playing it for Jimmy and Suzy my son and daughter who are 2 months and 1 year old and I want them to know Delilah just how much their mommy loves them and I hope to have many Christmas's with them and watch them open their presents ( me screaming, shut up!!! the kids are still peeing in their diapers they don't care what the heck song you want to play for them!!!) After about 20 minutes of this lovefest....dorky Delilah says, "I'll see if we can play you a real nice song for Jimmy and Suzy!!" uh Delilah maybe you didn't hear her she wants you to play that stupid hippo sheer exhaustion I turned on some Heavy Metal rock music. This is why I love being home!!!!!

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