Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Auntie Lois

Remember those nice bones you bought for me today? Remember my mom looking at them and questioning them??? See what time this is posted?? She now remembers why she questioned those bones. I had them before you see and my mom won't forget why I can't have is 12:30am and I woke my mom up crying!!! Yep....I think I wanted to pass gas and pooped,...... again, my new sheepy mattress is going to be all washed out if I keep this up. My mom caught me though before it was all over. So now mom and I are up and she is wondering if I have to do this again???? Tonight, She is also wondering what she is going to put in my cage so it is soft and warm....and poop resistant. There must be something in those darn bones that make my tummy sick....I bet my mom won't forget this time. Wish I could have done this earlier, I don't know why I had to get sick this late at night? But I feel better now?? I think my mom is a little sick though she is looking rather green???? Note to mom, no denta bones!!!!! Mom and I are going to play now because I am very happy we are both up and she says she can't sleep anyways and can only smell poop!!!! She also mubbled something about not needing to sleep anyway and she likes to wash out poopy stuff and how Iggy poop was just a joke....or not. I don't care, I am trying to figure out how to get my new Christmas bed into my little cage!!!! I don't think she will let me, in case I have a nudder accident!!!! Good night, mom is making that face at me!!!


Dragonfly said...

well Iggy, we have a present but I promise it's not Denta Bones. I wouldn't want to do that to your mom!

Lynda said...

Jeeze poor Iggy! My dogs just LOVE Denta Bones. Maybe his tummy is just to young. My Eddie couldn't stomach pizza-tomato sauce made him sick!

Bonnie said...

oooh poor Iggy and poooooor MOM!! Rufus hasnt ever had those denta bones ...hmmm maybe theres a reason?? I will also remember not to get those for you big guy!!