Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iggy POOP!!!

I had a great day!! I had two Christmas Parties to go to yesterday. I had the Miller Retirement party at 11 am, and it was really nice to see all the retirerees, and it made me feel young!!!! LOL. Then, I had the Miller fitters party at the Valley Inn, which was very nice and we ate some more. Meanwhile Iggy was in his pen in the shop with Kim. Kim enjoys Iggy so I felt comfortable leaving him with her and she has had dogs so, she had agreed to doing it. The first party got done about 2:30 and the second one started at 3pm. I had intended to come home and play with Iggy and then leave again but timewise and traveling wise it made more sense to just go from one to the other. I made a call to Kim and asked if she would mind putting Iggy in his cage with the frozen Kong with peanut butter, she said it was no problem. As always I felt very comfortable with Kim and went to the party. Now the shop closes at 4pm, Iggy goes in cage appx. 4pm
I leave party at 5pm get home at 5:30, walk upstairs and it stinks like poop!!! My first thought was Oh man did Kim smell this and did I leave a turd somewhere, undiscovered???? I hear some scrambling and crying for mom, out of my bedroom which is just reeking of poop....I open the door and out comes a poop coated Iggy!!!! He looked fine, but there was poop on his paws, his sides, his tail, and ALL over the door of his cage where he apparantly wanted to get out of and away from the smearing turd. It stunk so bad and I am trying to take of my clothes knowing well we were going to have to give someone a bath. I am trying to corral him so .....bottom line. Iggy poop, got a bath, I scrubbed the floor, cage and whatever else those poopy paws touched. I have to wash his little kennel liner of faux sheepskin, turd encrusted. No I didn't knit last night...I cleaned little Iggy Poop!!! How can I still think he was cute????
Lesson #1, never enjoy a day too much while leaving a loved one at home!!!! Paybacks are a given
No pictures of this one, no time to catch the cute little poopy pup


Dragonfly said...

Ok, sorry but laughing. Poor iggy trying to get away from it too!

annie said...

Ugh, poor you! My mom gave us one of those fancy softsided woolly lining cat carriers when we took Marge from her.
It lasted exactly one vet visit. The hubs came home and handed me this fear-doody encrusted thing and I just threw it all out and went and picked up a nice hard plastic carrier that can be hosed right out.

Isn't this one of those rites of passge with people babies, too? The poop smeared crib moment? How nice that you also have it with your puppy baby. NOT!