Friday, December 26, 2008

Traveling scarf

It is with great regret that I need to post, Melissa a Fiber Artist and great mother of three small children, has lost her battle with cancer. Her story is long but her life was short. I met Melissa through another friend, and she would buy fiber to felt from me. She included her children in all of her color decisions she was patient and kind. She had invented Leprechauns for each of her little ones and left them tiny little books or notes from their own Irish friend. She had a creative mind and spirit. I didn't know her really well, but I feel like I did. She was just that kind of person. She painted old windows with Seasonal art, she worked at the Journal Sentinal, she felted, she was a mom and wife. She loved life...she was going to Ireland and needle felted a small leprechaun to take along and photograph all over Ireland. She was going to write a book for children. She was feeling tired and had a checkup only to find out she had stage 4 cancer. Her Dr. told her to go home and get her affairs in order, she refused to roll over and die. She found a cancer treatment center in Kansas and went, and they gave her hope! She lived longer than she was expected to, but not without suffering from blood clots and side effects of treatment. She died at home where she wanted to, with her family. She actually was feeling quite well this last week and started to walk without assistance, maybe it was the calm before the storm, that makes no sense now that I write it, it should be the peace before the end. The sunshine before the dark. When we were knitting the traveling scarf, we hit a little snag and the teams stepped up and covered for another knitter. We then decided to donate the extra Traveling scarf to Melissa, a fiber friend, who was making a journey of a lifetime, a token of our friendship. So when you wear your scarf, know that Melissa shared her love of the scarf as it was hanging on her bed, close to her a gift from knitters that had never met Melissa. Travel well Melissa

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Bonnie said...

Jan, I didnt know Melissa but am saddened by the loss of a good friend of yours, to say the least. Please know that I will have her family in my prayers.