Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Remember when you were a little kid and you woke up and it was a special day, full of fun and events. You opened your presents and then it was off to the relatives, which totally sucked because you had to leave all of your toys at home, get all dressed up to go see what everyone else got. But the excitement, yesterday watching Iggy and this whole new world reminded me of when I was a kid. It started with him destroying his Peepee pad which is his new toy, (not sure how to stop this) I got a tray to keep the paper down and this is the result of that. So that was Iggy's present, he got to destroy his peepee pad while I took pictures.

Then I did my cooking and loaded the car and off we went to the family, where upon getting there Iggy's cousins were there to meet him. Now he likes to play and they are not real social, but he shares his mom's persistance and keeps trying to play....all day!!! They have a big house and a toy room and Iggy ran from room to room, people were holding him and he played and played and Dan shoveled the back patio so it had a natural snow fence, so Iggy was outside and inside and of course peeing anywhere he darn well pleased ( I warned them he wasn't potty trained) once he made the paper!!!! Yaaahhhh!!!! So I see Iggy running with a white thing and figured it was a toy....uh, no it was a toilet paper roll. That made his day!!! Ode, laughed and thought it was funny!!! This went on and on and on, just running and running and playing and exploring the new surroundings and I was tired of this chasing. Can you imagine what he will tell his friends at Kindergarden???
To him it was the best day of his life so far.

Finally, finally at 6 ish and we were there since 1:00pm, he crashed....and I might add it was only for a few minutes, and it all began again because his human brother came over to add to the excitement.
It was a good day!!!!

I am knitting this hat for me, out of cashmere far this hat would cost $32. I am only this far so it is going to cost much more. I bought the pattern off of Sweater Babe and it is fun to knit. The spider scarf is on hold, till I finish this hat. So I am getting a little knitting done. Hope you had a good Christmas see you Saturday!!!

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