Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow day

What to do on a snow day...Play in the snow!!!!
Clean house-well for me today I am considering this a day I plug in Roomba and watch Iggy watch Roomba, exercise for Iggy...two things in one.

2. Knit- work on the October is for Spinner scarf, I am on row 102, thank you very much!!!! So with good light I will knit on four strands of black alpaca....can you say go blind??

3. Drink hot chocolate from Germany swap....with marshmallows and or whipped cream....ooohhhhh chocolate whipped cream. Is there an expiration date on whipped cream?? who cares, it's not like I'm going shopping.
4. Nap.....oh wonderful this is the plan
Eat, drink knit and nap......awwwww friends it doesn't get much better than this......I love the snow!!!!!! I think I will do it again....mmmmmm tomorrow?????

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Dragonfly said...

we don't always make it in but son and I love to read about Iggy Pup. Plus son picked out a present for him so we'll have to stop by on Tuesday if you're open.