Monday, January 05, 2009

Early morning

This is not Iggy but it could be his ears are huge!!!!
Yes it is Monday!!! Dr visit Monday....most every Monday, I am renaming it Momday!!!! I am sure this is another phantom test we need to have done for Mom.....let's make sure we spend all of the Medicare money we can. Oh well, I have two knitting projects to work on, the leaf scarf which holds my attention and a cowel neck scarf from Dream in Color. A broken rib pattern that is easy and quick and a mindless knitting project. They are both small enough not to load me down while I drag my mom's walker a wheel chair and all my stuff. Today she is having a Stress test....they say it will be 3 hours, we'll see, but poor Iggy will be locked up for the duration. I am fighting off the cold that everyone is sharing, this morning it seems I am doing better than last night, thank you Vitamin C!!! It is day four of my New Years Resolution and I have almost accomplished one, which is I sent out all of my friends birthday cards, so I won't miss anyone this year and the second is to faithfully take my vitamins. I always start out strong, what is the big deal, swallow a bunch of pills.....done. So I am doing Ok with that so far. We had our first Puppy emergency last night. I have pillows on the couch with of course buttons on them, (they used to have buttons on them) so Iggy pup was playing with one of the pillows and then started drinking a ton of water and flipping his head kind of weird and acting like he was gagging???? So I figured it was a string or something. I had to fight with him to open his mouth for me to see the button stuck tight to the roof of his this button has two options, down the throat and blocking his airway/stomach some devastating organ.....or out into my hand. He was not sitting real quiet for this operation, me shoving my fingers into his mouth and prying this button which is about an inch across off of his mouth. I got it out and cut all the buttons off of the pillows. It was really stuck up there, but he is fine.
Puppy time is beginning to wear on me, we run to the door every five minutes to pee and it never fails when I pee he wants to go out too....hhhhhhmmmm this poses the penquin walk as I try to pull up my pants to run to the door....Life is good!!!! I am enjoying our bonding but let me remind anyone of you thinking of a puppy....remember the worst!!!! and hope for the best!!!! LOL!!!!! He is sleeping soundly as I speak.....I love when he sleeps!!!! LOL!!!!

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