Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

BBBrrrrrrrr need I say more???
I feel sorry for Iggy having to go outside potty, but then again I go out with him. Used to be I had to work in this cold and my sympathy to those that still do. Keep knitting it keeps your hands warm.
Iggy lost two teeth, could this be the end to the mouthing???? I would have taken photos but he won't keep his mouth open unless my hand is in it.
I want to spin, right now, unfortunately if I brought my spinning wheel into the living room, I would create a new monster.....I will do it in the shop later today, without all of the hassle. I have a hat idea I want to make. This can be scary???
I am curious how many Wisconsinites will venture out today, to come and shop????? I think I will be making some Chili and putting the "Ring the bell" sign on the door!!!

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Bonnie said...

I am sooo not going out at all today. Bad enough I had to go out yesterday (to the dentist..yuck)
I am gonna stay in and knit :) Im making some scarves for kids in my daughter in laws class room, because out of 23 1st graders only 3 - 4 have hats & scarves & mittens. Soooo Im helping with some scarves, and have a couple other friends doing mittens and hats :) Having good knitters as friends is a wonderful thing!!