Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let me ask you this???

Why would you have a photo of underwear with a pair of sunglasses on them?? Unless of course they seen how white I am??? What is it with women going into the bathroom for that 5 minutes of private toilet time??? No one dare enter when a man goes into the powder room....why when a mom/ woman goes into the bathroom you need an entourage of walk bys. I remember as a mom, the minute my pants came down, my son decided he had to wash his hands??? He never had that urgency before, but then I had cats and there is NO way you can close a bathroom door with out that extension arm coming under the door and pumping in a way to make their arms long enough to unlock the door. Now I have a puppy, bad enough we take a bath together, because it's easier, but when my pants come down my undies make an instant Hammock, or slingshot or parachute! So I have given up trying to relax in the bathroom anymore. It seems my dear puppy has the bad dog incentive when I sit in the bathroom. Ha look ma I can do all of these bad things, and your pants are around your knees!!!! Today he pulled the spring shower curtain rod down....almost beaning me on the head. I am getting oblivious to bad behavior, like a parent of a screaming brat child. How long are they puppies?? We also have a new potty training method, he taught me....He poops and rings the bell for me to come and clean it up!!! I can just see him mouthing " Good job, mommy".......bababbbabababbaaaabbbababbbabababbababbababa

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