Saturday, January 24, 2009

Iggy Beaver

As I sit here, relaxing with my cup of coffee, my most favorite thing in the morning....i can hear a beaver chewing on wood, it could be my couch or my ottoman, or whatever else is wood. Only it is not a beaver, it is Iggy. Last night he was on a chewing mission. Now you may say..."give him something to chew on" oh I living area is full of chew toys, but that does not compare to the taste of an antique rocker, or my sons woodworking project from high school. Knitting needles with the essence of "mom" on them. So I am on a mission to spray my whole house with bitter apple, but guess what it makes it hard for me to breath...!!! I wonder how long this will go on?? But he is so cute, even while he is chewing the legs off of my furniture. Is it Ok to crate a puppy till they are say....3l???


Annie said...

When I was a kid we had a dalmation who ate a stairway.
Yes, a stairway. It led from the back deck down into her fenced in play yard, it was a full stairway, like one story, not a couple steps.
She just chewed and chewed until one day it fell down and we had to have it rebuilt.
Which is when Perdie (Perdita) went to live at a firehouse because she needed fresh people to love on her every 12 hours...or she would eat everything she could get her mouth around. She had too much love to give for a family of three to handle.

Luckily, Iggy will outgrow his furniture habit once his gums stop itching! Right?

Bonnie said...

Lets hope he lose's his taste for furniture by the time he grows up LOL There is a bitter apple gel you can put on that isnt as noxious to the nose as the spray is. You may want to give that a try .... i know it cured Rufus of chewing my end table, and ottoman, and and and LOL