Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cutting up

There is a new toy here, Cricut, my intention was to make my own quick signs for Sheep in the City and now I have a monster on my hands. This little machine is awesome. There is no paper safe with in reach. It cuts, it prints, it embosses it vacuums the living room, dusts and more....It is really fun to use. I am in the process of making two journals for the Prayer Shawls that will be at Sheep in the City, you can sit and knit and write a Good will message, on a shawl that will be donated to a Breast Cancer fighter. So it gives me a reason to play.
Tomorrow is Day care for Iggy, he is all fluffly from his bath and he will come back dirty and scruggy looking...playing all day!! I have errands to run. And then another week begins.
I actually started up the car for the first time since Thursday, we went to my brothers/SIL. Their dogs want nothing to do with Iggy, they don't want to play and they snarl and gnash their teeth.....Iggy just doesn't understand. Neither do they!!!!

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