Friday, January 16, 2009


So we have our first cable casualty!!!! No not cable needles that would be a cheap one, more like an Apple cable $80.00. So tonight I have to venture out to Best Buy, who are holding it for me, to get a new, power cord for my laptop. Iggy was quite proud of his destruction, he showed it to me....
He is losing teeth, and no I didn't knock them out, so now the teething......this is a stage I can do without. Potty training is at a standstill, it is tooo cold for him to go out. He does sometimes, but not always!!!!
I knit on my spider scarf a little last night.
I opened the shop but stayed upstairs it was too cold to stay down there when I have a warm home upstairs, needless to say it was dead all day. I am hoping for a warm up today!!! LOL ROTHFL!!!!!! Warm up???? I have not started my car for three days, which is better than just starting it and not running it for a long time.
Welcome to the Deep freeze!!!!


Bonnie said...

Sorry that he did that to you. we went thru that with Rufus and hubbys laptop too, watch all lamp cords now.. After Rufus chewed thru the laptop cord about a week or 2 later the lamp got it.....
I totally feel your "pain" with this part of puppyness... and for the mouthing? Ummm Rufus still does that. (dont know what to tell you there)

Annie said...

oh crap! We had a rash of severed cords when Elvis was teething. And then he discovered the corners of my down comforter and chewed on them while he slept. Every corner on that thing was all raggedy and had kitten teeth blood on it. Which is gross, but it was cute at the time.
Back when Elvis was still cute and not filled with evil and feces.