Friday, January 09, 2009

Rocky 4

Today was Iggy's Birthday he is four months and also his first day of doggy day care!!! I dropped him off in good condition at 7am and they told me he would be tired when he got home from playing all day. They told me they would call me at noon to let me know how he was doing. It was about 1pm when I got the call and they said he is doing well, he is play bowing alot and having fun with all the other dogs. I said I will pick him up at 4:30pm. I have to say I missed him, he is a huge part of my routing right now....meanwhile my sump is twirling water in the crock?? What now???? I ask Kim if her crock has swirling water....uuhh no??? So I call the plumber that installed the pump and they said it may be a frozen exhaust pipe. So of course it is frozen!!! So Kim's husband comes over and adds a hose and low and behold it pumped for about 20 minutes...that is one heck of a lot of water.
So I go to pick up my furry cargo and when I walk in there is a dry erase board saying" Welcome Iggy puppy of the day" and on the TV is a video of precious playing with what else.....Dobermans, Rottweillers, Labs, not puppies he's with the big dogs. I said he played with the big dogs.....she said all day!!!! Then she said I have to apologize, Iggy got a puncture wound on his head?? Really how bad is it....well I cleaned it but he was really mad at me and you should put some neosporine on it when you get home. They weren't sure how he got it but, he got it and she didn't see it happen. So out comes Rocky with his play wound. I guess it wouldn't be so bad but he is white!!! He was happy to see me, but I think he is so tired he can't move. He is moaning whenever he moves and he is totally oblivious to my existance. He looks all scruffy and played this rate he may sleep for a couple of days!!!! There was another woman there and she said he dogs come home with doggy injuries every so often, especially when they were new. It's called pushing the limits!!!! He will be OK....

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